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Other Services
Responding to the requirements of our customers, Stella-Jones can provide custom pressure treating services to diverse concentrations, penetrations and retentions. We have studied and applied and in some cases invented the full gamut of treatments, and can identify the appropriate and most efficient option for any end use in any environmental condition.


Security of Supply: Many users of custom treating services have come to depend upon Stella-Jones. They value the reliability of prompt supply and delivery made possible by long maintained relationships with wood suppliers, and a track record as a state-of-the-art wood treating specialist.

Continental Network: Stella-Jones brings broad coverage and operational flexibility to the wood treating marketplace. The Company can call upon the resources of its continental network to meet any demand challenge.

Single-Step Creosote/Borate Treatment: Research and development at Stella-Jones has originated an improved method of incorporating the preservatives creosote and boron into wood. To address the needs of outdoor wood projects in high termite areas, the industry solution traditionally had been to apply a combination of creosote and boron in a dual step treatment. Stella-Jones pursued and achieved a single step process and has thereby created a more economical option for its customers.

Quality Control

At Stella-Jones, our corporate culture focuses on continuous improvement and sharing of best practices across our network. These concepts are constantly translated into policies and actions, and applied to all of our management, operations, maintenance, sales and customer service activities. Quality control at Stella-Jones begins even before we receive raw wood for treatment, with assuring that our timberlands and suppliers adhere to responsible forestry management. Accordingly, harvesting and reforestation measures comply with the industry's and all jurisdictions' strictest guidelines. Before leaving our plants, every shipment undergoes multiple inspections, including documentation of the requisite preservative concentration and penetration.

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