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Industrial Products
Outdoor projects that employ wood in the maritime, industrial and civic sectors require pressure treated wood products to withstand a range of differing environmental conditions. Diverse demands call for selected wood species and different preservatives. For many years, Stella-Jones has been one of North America's most experienced wood treating companies, commanding the full gamut of supply and professional resources to meet the needs for specialized treatment.

Since the acquisition of Tangent Rail Corporation in April 2010, the Company also manufactures the wood preservative creosote for use in its wood treating activities, as well as other coal tar based products such as roof pitch and road tar, which are sold to third party customers.

With a North American presence that encompasses pressure treating plants in fourteen U.S. states and five Canadian provinces, Stella-Jones has earned a reputation as a premiere supplier of a range of pressure treated wood products.


Among the products manufactured by Stella-Jones in the industrial products category are:
  • Bridge timbers and docks;
  • Foundation pilings;
  • Marine pilings;
  • Highway guardrail posts;
  • Panelized railway crossings.

  • Advantages

    Security of Supply:
    Many users of industrial lumber have come to depend upon Stella-Jones. They value the reliability of prompt supply and delivery made possible by the Company's extensive raw material sourcing rights, long maintained relationships with wood suppliers, and track record as a state-of-the-art wood treating specialist.

    Continental Network:
    Stella-Jones brings broad coverage and operational flexibility to the industrial lumber marketplace. The Company can call upon the resources of its continental network to meet any demand challenge.

    Maritime and Industrial Expertise:
    Stella-Jones specializes in more than providing the right kind of treated wood for every industrial and marine need. The Company also provides valuable, customized assistance for virtually any building project that requires treated wood. This combination of top quality products and services ensures that your structure will be attractive and protected from rot, insect and marine-borer damage.

    Quality Control

    At Stella-Jones, our corporate culture focuses on continuous improvement and sharing of best practices across our network. These concepts are constantly translated into policies and actions, and applied to all of our management, operations, maintenance, sales and customer service activities. Quality control at Stella-Jones begins even before we receive raw wood for treatment, with assuring that our timberlands and suppliers adhere to responsible forestry management. Accordingly, harvesting and reforestation measures comply with industry and jurisdictional guidelines. Before leaving our plants, every shipment of industrial products undergoes multiple inspections, including documentation of the requisite preservative concentration and penetration.

    Wood species Preservatives
    Douglas Fir Creosote
    Jack Pine CCA
    Red Pine Pentachlorophenol
    Southern Yellow Pine  
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