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About Stella-Jones
Corporate Governance
Stella-Jones is committed to the sound principles of corporate governance. The Board of Directors reviews the applicable corporate governance guidelines ("Guidelines") on an annual basis, evaluates the Company's practices against them and initiates changes, where appropriate, to improve performance.

This section provides information pertaining to Stella-Jones' governance practices, its Board of Directors and Board committees and those policies that guide the decisions and behaviours that are central to the effective operation and success of the Company.

pdf Mandate of the Board of Directors
pdf Audit Committee Mandate
pdf Environmental Committee Mandate
pdf Remuneration Committee Mandate
pdf Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
pdf Disclosure/Communications Policy
pdf Whistle Blowing Procedures
pdf Position Description-President and CEO
pdf Position Description-Chairman of the Board
pdf Position Description-Chairperson of the Audit Committee
pdf Position Description-Chairperson of the Remuneration Committee
pdf Position Description-Chairperson of the Environmental Committee
pdf Position Description-Lead Director
pdf Board Diversity Policy
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