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Residential Lumber
The home renovation market represents a natural ancillary outlet for the treated wood products of Stella-Jones. Pressure treatment preserves wood's structural soundness. Additionally, by protecting the wood from natural predators, pressure treatment extends its service life by five to ten times. As a result, a significant demand for treated wood exists among homeowners for outdoor residential use.


Stella-Jones has established strong supplier relationships with lumber retailers. The Company supplies these retailers with pressure treated wood board, lattice, fence board, plywood and dimensional lumber for use in outdoor applications which include:
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Patios

  • Advantages

    The extremely competitive residential marketplace demands the highest standards in pressure treated wood. That is why a leading lumber wholesaler has allied itself with the proven expertise of Stella-Jones in this product category.

    Security of Supply: Wholesalers and retailers of residential lumber value the reliability of prompt supply and delivery made possible by Stella-Jones' extensive raw material sourcing rights, long maintained relationships with wood suppliers, and track record as a state-of-the-art wood treating specialist.

    Market Expertise: Stella-Jones specializes in more than providing the right kind of treated wood for residential needs. The Company has developed a strategic alliance with a major Canadian lumber wholesaler, which provides substantial expertise in the dimensional lumber market. This combination of top quality product and support has made Stella-Jones a preferred supplier of residential lumber.

    Quality Control

    At Stella-Jones, our corporate culture focuses on continuous improvement and sharing of best practices across our network. These concepts are constantly translated into policies and actions, and applied to all of our management, operations, maintenance, sales and customer service activities. Quality control at Stella-Jones begins even before we receive raw wood for treatment, with assuring that our timberlands and suppliers adhere to responsible forestry management. Accordingly, harvesting and reforestation measures comply with industry and jurisdictional guidelines. Before leaving our plants, every shipment of residential lumber undergoes multiple inspections, including documentation of the requisite preservative concentration and penetration.

    Wood species Preservatives
    Douglas Fir ACQ
    Jack Pine  
    Lodgepole Pine  
    Red Pine  
    Western Red Cedar  
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